Rotavator Blade Manufacturer

Cothda Agri Supply, A China-based rotavator blade manufacturer. Different types and sizes of rotavator blades fit for farming tillage.

  • Smooth finish reduces drag
  • High wear and impact resistance
  • Well heat-treated to resist breaking
  • Rotavator blades material: boron steel, carbon steel
  • Standard or OEM rotavator blades available
  • A variety of rotavator blades meet your tillage needs


Rotavator Blade Related Products

rotavator blade 22122

Reliable rotavator blade manufacturer offers you full line of rotavator blades for your harvesting need.

rotavator blade 2211

First quality rotavator blade made of selected carbon steel withstand all conditioned land operation.

rotavator blade 13

Ready in stock quality ratavator blades fitted for most combines and all weather cultivating conditions.

rotavator blade 9

Choosing our full selections of rotary tiller blades, rotavator blades will help you reduce cost by 30~50% .

rotavator blade 7

Cothda rotavator blades compliant with most combines, both standard and OEM rotavator blades available.

rotavator blade 1

Made from selected boron steel or carbon steel, our rotavator blades more durable and wear-proof.

Your Premier Rotavator Blades Manufacturer

Cothda Agri Supply, located in China, we, a reliable rotavator blades manufacturer with over 30years of experience.

Benefiting from the vast novation in the combine harvester industry, modern agriculture developed rapidly. Rotavator blades are one type of increasingly-demanded wear parts for the combine harvesters. Sharp rotavator blades can help you handle the most extreme ground conditions.

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As a rotavator blades manufacturer with in-depth und

erstanding and experience in the rotavator blades industry, Cothda well knows what our customer concern.

Cothda offers a full range of rotavator blades to fit the diverse needs in the combine harvester wear part market. You can get different hardened rotavator blades as per your requirements.

J type rotavator blades, C type rotavator blades, L type rotavator blades, etc are from stock or OEM  available.

Our rotavator blades are made of boron steel with perfect heat-treatment. Which means our rotavator blades are high wear and impact resistance.

Since rotavator blades are worn part for the combine harvester, we make the rotavator blades price moderate.

The rotavator blades from Cothda with high quality, make your rotavators or tiller less downtime, thus keep your machine running up smoothly.

We employ the latest techniques, best raw material, and sophisticated fabricating tolling to make sure the rotavator blades sending to you are flawless. You can rely on us to get quality-proofed rotavator blades for your applications.

Quality-proofed rotavator blades are the sharp tools in pulverizing the fields. You can be rest assured to choose our rotavator blades, your disc harrow can handle any soil conditions after installing Cothda rotavator blades.

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Cothda usually stocks some type of rotavator blades for urgent order shipment.

You can get rotavator blades as per your specific requirements by sending drawings or samples.

If you are facing the wide hard ground to harrow, if need reliable and cost-saving rotavator blades to equip your disc harrow, Cothda rotavator blades from us are your right choice.


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If you want to get a price of rotavator blades and other combine harvester parts, please let us know now.

Your trust in our rotator blades products will be a high appreciation for all of our team.

We are confident to be listed on your long-term rotavator blades manufacturers’ incoming season.