18 Disc Blades

Cothda, one of the most experienced harrow disc blades suppliers & manufacturers.

Cothda Manufactures finest quality harrow disc blades. You can choose most suitable blade among different diameter, thickness and sizes disc blades options.

Cothda 18 Disc Blades were made from quality-proved carbon steel, and fabricated by strict assembly process.

18 Disc Blades: Find Your Harrow Disc Blades Manufacturers

18 disc blades means 18 Inch disc blades. The type of harrow disc blades are made by using steel and iron materials which are highly selected by a team of engineers. Steel and iron disc blades have a long shelf life with minimal rust effects.

The disc blade is then powder coated using different varieties of pigments including, yellow, green, black, and red. You can choose any disc blade depending on the color of your prevalence.

Cothda 18 Inch disc blade is used in preparing the seedbed to make it leveled for the next planting season. You can also use it to remove harvest leftovers and chop off chunks, weeds, etc.

The diameter of the disc blade is 18 inches with a 3mm thickness. The disc blade has a round hole of about 25mm. The hole can be cut to fit other axle sizes depending on your gauge.

The center hole can take different shapes and sizes including; square, round, zigzag, etc. 18 Inch disc blade is preferred for the ability to save time, make work easier, cost-saving, last long, etc.

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You can send us OEM order for your 18 Inch disc blades. We also have other combine harvester parts available for purchase.