18 Notched Disc Blades

Cothda is one of the well-reputed harrow disc blades suppliers & manufacturers in China.You can get all sort of harrow disc blades and other combine harvester parts.

When you have requirement for 18 notched disc blades, let us know your machine code or drawings.Cothda offers you the best suitable disc blades for you.

18 Notched Disc Blades: Find Your Best Harrow Disc Blade Manufacturers

18 notched disc blades is also known as 18 Inch notched blades. This type disc blades have notches on their edges, unlike the Plain Disc Blades which has a smooth edge. The notches give the blade a perfect cutting edge and pulverization of the ground.

18 Inch notched blade is used to till dry land which has not been cultivated before. The blade tends to remove unwanted remains and shred them.

18 notched blade is made with carefully selected carbon steel for high performance, durability efficiency, and quality compliance. The blade is available in 18 inches in diameter and different thickness.

The center holes can take different shapes and sizes depending on the axle size. We can have square, round holes with 25mm diameter.

18 Inch notched blades are compatible with any machine brand available in the combine machine market. Cothda promising sales team will help you select the perfect notched blade for your machine.

The notches need to be sharpened after work and oiled before keeping in a well-ventilated room. This will save you a lot of time and expenses come the next plowing season.

Cothda harrow disc blades are shipped worldwide. You can send us OEM order for your 18 Inch notched blade.

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