22 Inch Disc Blades

Cothda is a well recoginzed harrow disc blades suppliers & manufacturers in the combine machines market.

Cothda aims to offer different harrow disc blades which are comply with most popular combine machines. You will get quality 22inch disc blades at affordable cost, quick delivery and life long service.

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22 Inch Disc Blades: Find Your Premier Harrow Disc Blades Manufacturers

Cothda 22 Inch disc blades can have plain or notched edges depending on your machine and the type of task to be done. The harrow disc blade has a diameter of 22 inches with a 6.35mm thickness.

The disc has a punch hole of 25mm but can be cut out to suit other axle sizes. 22 Inch disc blade can be used in the garden, farm, or field to till, plow and mix soil.

The notched blades work best in hard soils while the plain blades are used to level your ground. The blade gives you a smooth planting session.

22 Inch disc blades will make work easier around your farm and no need to hire manual workers. This will save you a lot of money, expenses, time, and energy as compared to using manual ways.

Cothda 22 inch disc blade is made using steel and iron materials which have passed every test for maximum throughput. For corrosion and rust prevention we coat it with pigments of different colors.

Oiling and greasing are also done on the center holes for easy fixing on the axles. The sales team is on standby to receive your orders and help you select the right disc blade for your machine.

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