Cothda Combine Fingers

Various combine fingers fitted for different combine harvesters. You can also find different combine harvester parts accordingly to your needs based on harvester brands. High quality combine fingers, prompt shipment, and moderate prices for our combine harvester parts needs.

  • No MOQ required.
  • Material: quality mild Steel, Iron
  • Combine fingers: all-weather durable
  • Trusted Combine finger technic support
  • Urgent combine fingers shipment can be affected within 24hrs.

Reliable Combine Fingers Manufacturer

Kubota 688 Combine Finger

Combine fingers for Kubota688 features of hard wearing and anti-corrosive.

Kubota 988 Combine Finger

Combine fingers fit for Kubota 988 has precise dimension, great interchangeability.

Kubota 758 Combine Finger Plus

full ranges of combine fingers for popler combines with superior interchangeability and wearness.

Yanmar 85G Combine Finger

Yanmar 85G combine fingers make your combine harvesters farming more efficient.

Yanmar 1180 Combine Finger

All combine fingers for Yanmar 1180 shows great mechanical performance and flexibility.

Yanmar 70 Combine Finger

Combine fingers complied with Yanmar70 always perform great on hard-wearing and perfect corrosion resistance.

Lovol Word Combine Finger

Lovol Word combine fingers are made of carbon steel or boron steel, hardness enhanced.

Iseki Strengthen Combine finger

Combine fingers fitted for Iseki are strengthen in hardness, anti-wearness, anti-abrasion.

OEM Combine Finger

Cothda always provides combine fingers customize manufacture based on your specific needs.

Your Premier Combine Fingers Manufacturer

Cothda Agri Supply, a China-based reliable combine finger manufacturer.
Since Cothda is one of the professional combine harvester spare parts suppliers (agriculture parts manufacturers) in the combine harvester parts market.Combine Finger slider 3
Cothda offers a huge assortment of combine fingers and other combine harvester parts. Cothda applies the latest technology, superior metal material, and strict industrial quality standard to make sure we offer you the best combine fingers. You can find the combine fingers that come in a number of dimensions and fit on multiple crops and combine harvesters.
Cothda has been the agriculture parts manufacturers and agriculture parts suppliers over 3 decades. We know well what the farmer’s concerns in the harvester season. We are driven to manufacturer high quality combine fingers to help keep your combine harvester in good condition. And we are proud to be one of the combine harvester spare parts suppliers (combine harvester parts manufacturers) for all of our prestigious clients.

In the harvesting season, Cothda Argi Supply is your best choice for manufacturing the combine harvester parts, especially the combine fingers.
As one of the combine harvester spare parts suppliers with over 30years, we have good experience in combine finger production.
Cothda combine fingers are well received in the combine harvester parts market.
Cothda aims to serve you with high performance combine fingers. We are happy to help your combine harvester keep in well-working conditions. Thus, your combine harvester gets maximum cropping output, perfect harvest quality as well.Combine finger Description 00

Since Cothda firstly produced the first piece of combine finger in 1985, Cothda has expanded the combine harvester parts range widely and rapidly. Thanks for the high-performance combine finger and other combine harvester parts, thank you – our valued regular customer of combine harvester parts, Cothda has grown into a mid-sized combine harvester parts manufacturer from a family-owned workshop.

Since Cothda aims to me of the most competitive combine harvester parts suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters since 1985. We adopt advanced equipment and tools to make sure our combine fingers keep sharp after long period use. Cothda combine fingers are thoroughly heat treated, can endure high impact toughness. Our combine fingers are available in different ranges of sizes, specifications according to your requirements.

Meanwhile, Cothda accepts OEM combine finger and other combine harvester parts orders.
Offering us your specifications or samples, we will get your desired combine fingers done.

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What’s more, do you want to know about our combined fingers, please let us know.

Get your combine fingers quoted now.
Your valued trust in our combine fingers products will be our continuing passion for offering superior combine harvester parts forever.

We will be proud to be one of your long terms combine fingers suppliers and combine harvester blade manufacturers.



Cothda is the expert combine finger manufacturer. Combine( Yanmar Kubotian 688 988 ) Finger(Knife guard) for thickening, quenching, the latest spray anti-rust. The latest intermediate frequency quenching process, more durable use, for you to reduce the maintenance cost of the Combine machine. More Combine Finger models you can browse our website