Combine Harvester Cutter Bar

Quality combine harvester cutter bar still keeps sharp after a long period cropping.

  • Help Reduce the vibration on the header
  • Hard structured & superb performance cut
  • Well-treated Rust-proof combine harvester cutter bar
  • All-weather durability combine harvester cutter bar
  • Trusted combine harvester cutter bar engineering support
  • Stock combine harvester cutter bar shipped within 24hrs.

Your Premier Combine Harvester Cutter Bar Manufacturer

During the harvesting season, the first concern for the farm must be the combine harvester in good conditions. Working with reliable combine harvester spare parts suppliers is vital for the farmer.

Cothda Argi Supply is your best choice for supplying the combine harvester parts, especially the harvester blades.combine harvester cutter bar Description 1


As a harvester blade manufacturer with over 30years of harvester blade production experience, Cothda has earned a respectable position in the harvester blade market. Cothda constantly served different customers with quality harvester blades, which helps them keep the combine harvester in a well-maintained condition. Thus, our valued customers get maximum cropping output and best harvest quality accordingly.

Since Cothda firstly produced the first piece of harvester blade in 1985, Cothda has expanded the harvester blades range widely and rapidly. Thanks for the high-performance harvester blades and other combine harvester parts, plus our valued regular customer of combine harvester parts, Cothda has grown into a mid-sized combine harvester parts manufacturer from a family-owned workshop as well.combine harvester cutter bar Description 012026

In order to stand out from the combine harvester blades manufacturers, Cothda employs fully automatic mechanic equipment to improve the production efficiency. Our experienced harvester blade engineers consider every aspect of the production, keep regular analysis on raw material choosing, study cutting-edge technology, to improve our harvester blades quality.

Since there are many branded combine harvesters in the market, Cothda fabricates a wide range harvester blades to be compatible with the brands like Kubota combine harvester, Yanmar combine harvester, Johan Deer, New Holland, John Deere, Swaraj, etc.

That means Cothda not only keeps regular alternative harvester blades for mentioned combine harvester parts, Cothda also accepts OEM harvester blades orders. You can get your desired harvester blade by providing your specifications, samples, even limited application information.combine harvester cutter bar Description 0120267

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Your valued trust on our harvester blade products will be our continuing passion for combine harvester parts production.

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