Combine Rasp Bars

Cothda Agri Supply, one agriculture parts manufacturers from China, offers quality combine rasp bars parts from stock and OEM order.

  • Good performance Threshing
  • Durable, affordable for most harvesters
  • Less fuel consumption and 3000-hour life span
  • Steel constructed combine rasp bars durable to cropping
  • Keep your combine harvester downtime to the minimum
  • Stock and customized combine rasp bars available upon request


Your Premier Combine Rast Bar Manufacturer

Whether you are going to harvest soybeans, corn, wheat, etc whatever any crops need threshing. What you first need to do is to check if any of your combine parts worn out. Usually combine rasp bars are quite tough parts, which is stand for excellent for standing up to sandy ground conditions. But depending on what crops you need to harvest. If you are doing corn and soybean rotation, the combine rasp bars wear quite quickly. You will find noticed combine rasp bards wear. So you are suggested to change combine rasp bars (black bars) very 500~600hrs around every other harvesting season. Especially in the fields with rocks, you should keep fresh eyes the combine rasp bards status before marching into the lands.Combine Rasp Bars slider 1

You can find the quality combine rasp bars from your local combine parts dealer according to your combine harvester brands. Cothda Agri Supply is an experienced agriculture parts manufacture from china. Since the first forged combine harvester parts from our workshop, we have been providing the agriculture parts over 30years.

With vast experience in agriculture parts, Cothda knows how to make the right parts for the different clients both in the domestic and worldwide markets. You can find that our combine rasp bars are made of the best materials. Forging, casting, testing, packing, etc, every procedure of the combine rasp bars are monitored by a strict QC system. You rest assured to get flawless combine rasp bars for any code according to your combine harvesters.combine rasp bars Descripti 021

Compare to other combine rasp bars suppliers, Cothda offers the most competitive price with trusted quality.

Our combine rasp bars quality has been proofed in the market over the decades. If you are facing your harvesting season, maintain your machine now. If you need any type combine rasp bars for your machine, please kindly contact us.

Cothda aims to manufacturer a wide selection of combine rasp bars and other combine harvester parts.

Cothda is ready to help you keep your combine harvester in top conditions and increase your yield. F

For your kind attention, new rasp bars can make it seem like you got a new combine. It’s true. If you have special combine rasp bars products in need, please feel free to let us know.

Cothda is ready to work with you at any time.

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What’s more, do you want to know about our Kubota harvester parts and other Kubota spare parts, please contact us now? Your valued trust in our combine rasp bars products will be our continuing passion for offering superior agriculture spare parts.

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We sincerely hope to be one of your long-term combine harvester parts manufacturers in the soon future.