Kubota tiller tines are blades made for use for Kubota tractors and Kubota machines. They are specifically designed to be used by all Kubota brand machines and tractors.

Kubota tiller tines are made of mild steel which makes them perfect for gardening activities. They are then coated with pigment paints to reduce the chances of rusting and corrosion.

Kubota tiller tines are supplied with bolts, nuts, and washer sets for fixing in the gauge and axle. Tiller tines are available in a wide range of lights and sizes.

Their durability and rigidity make them perfect to be used in tilling, chopping off unrealistic remains, and shredding them. The remains are mixed with soil for nutrients and decomposition.

Kubota tiller tines help you achieve even fine soil filth at all speeds. They are the best for tilling land that has not been cultivated before.

The durability and tensile strength of Kubota Tiller tines are a result of the strict fabrication systems. The sales team will help you choose the right tiller that matches your Kubota tractor.

We also have other Kubota spare parts including disc blades, rotavator blades, colter blades, etc. If you are interested in our Kubota tiller tines send us an OEM order.