Cothda Agri Supply provides best performance combine harvester in the past 30 years. Cothda is aware of the production problems what your combine harvester part faces, our manufacturer knows how to provide your preferred combine harvester parts to give maximum performance.

Cothda makes available many types of agriculture parts or any other combine harvester parts fabrication process including no-till coulter blades that are completely under our quality control system. You rest assured to obtain the quality agriculture parts or any combine harvester parts you want for your harvest season. Cothda offers emergency shipment within 24hrs in urgent situations.


Our manufacturers will be honored to give suggestions for you to choose the interchangeable agriculture parts including no-till coulter blades. These blades attach easily to the front of the brand-name planter. Increased down pressure at 490 pounds pre-load and 1110 pounds maximum.

Cothda offers long-lasting no-till coulter blades hence making better return on investment for your business. It is able to perform severe tasks since it operates directly in line with the planter or drill row-unit giving it excellent strength and durability. It fits White 6100, John Deere, and Kinze planters.

Cothda provides you with no-till coulter blades of different sizes and make that ensures your work gets finished in time and saves you on the extra cost. It fits in 16″, 17″, 18″, or 20″ coulter blades Accepts a variety of blades for various soil types and conditions. It has a specific cam adjustment for depth adjustment. For optimum results, always use with a 5/8″ or wider blade it hugs the planter faceplate which allows room for fertilizer injectors, residue managers or other attachments.