Rototiller blades take various design shapes including the shape of C, J, and L. They are also called Rotavator blades or rotary blades.

They are used to cultivate and till the land for preparation for planting season. Before rototiller blades, we used to have cultivator blades which wasted a lot of time energy, and resources.

All our Rototiller blades can be used in all machine and tractor brands. We manufacture them with highly selected raw materials for effective performance.

The length of the rototiller blade can range from 40 to 50 mm with a 10 mm thickness. The blade has a long elongation of penetrating the soil to a certain depth and making it more pulverized.

The blade can go to a maximum depth of about 11 inches. Rototiller blades are perfect for removing weeds, harvest remains and clearing land which has not been cultivated before.

Rototiller blades help you to cost savings due to their ability to do work fast hence no need to hire manual workers to cross-check. They are highly durable, with perfect tensile strength.

The rototiller blades can be constructed in different shapes and sizes as per your requirements. You can send an OEM order of rototiller blades and any other blade type you might need.