Tiller Blades

As one of the most reliable combine parts manufacturers based in China, Cothda strive to offer you wide selection of tiller blade. Cothda tiller blades are made from finest steel and fabricated under strict assembly process.

  • Quality-proof raw material maintains perfect breaking resistance
  • Mild steel or iron constructed tiller blades ensures perfect harness
  • Well heat-treated, rust-proof technology ensure corrosion-resistance
  • Competitive price for different wear parts as well as OEM parts

Tiller Blades: Find Your Premier Manufacturer

A top-conditioned  rototiller means optimal tilling quality and minimum downtime. Cothda aims to help you keep you tototillers in perfect-maintained speed. You can find the most suitable key part tiller blades from Cothda.

Tiller blades are made using iron and steel metals which have passed every chemical and industrial metal test. They are available in different shapes including; C, L, Flat, etc.

Their remarkable features make them suitable to be used around your garden for tilling, leveling the ground, removing rocks, and chopping off unwanted weeds on your farm.

The tiller blades are coated with paint pigments to prevent them from rusting, corrosion, and increase their durability. The blade is offered in three grades of hardness for effective tilling.

Tiller blades are made using the hard face manufacturing process to increase their rigidity. This prevents them from bending in rocky environments and dry soils.

Tiller blades have passed every field test and they have shown impressive results in all agricultural activities. The blade can be used in wet, dry, heavy, and clay soils.

The blade helps you to reduce the costs incurred in hiring manual laborers, in changing the blades during operation and saves you time. The coating is about 0.1 mm in thickness.

There are bolts, nuts, and washer sets available for fixing the blade on the gauge. Send us an OEM order if interested in Tiller blades and other combine harvester parts.

Cothda tiller blades are affordable in cost, reliable in quality.

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