Yanmar Tiller Tines

We are one of the superior combine parts manufacturers and suppliers based  in China. Cothda is cable to handle all types of  Yanmar tiller tines, so as to help you maximize the life cycle of the machines.  Send your inquiries and save money now!

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Yanmar Tiller Tines: Find Your Premier Combine Parts Manufacturer

Yanmar tiller tines are blades used to dig deep and chop any garden residues from your garden. The tiller tines are available in two designs the universal and the rental tins.

Yanmar tiller tines are wide, thick, and more resistant to bending when exposed in the field or garden. They are good for gardening, seedbed, and lawn preparation.

Yanmar tiller blades are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths; we have 18, 20, 26, 30, and 33 inches. We also manufacture other customized lengths as per your requirements.

Yanmar tiller tines need to be replaced once the blunt edge width measures ¼ inches. Yanmar tiller tines have remarkable features which makes them a game-changer in the agricultural field.

The strict quality systems control ensure the our Yanmar tiller tines with every property has been manufactured. The strict fabrication technology ensures a long shelf life of Cotha Yanmar tiller tines.

The sales team will help you select a Yanmar tiller that matches your Yanmar tractor. All our tiller tines are made to have adjustable holes that can be cut out to suit other axle sizes.

Our Yanmar tiller tine can work under any environmental condition be its dry season, rainy, or heaven rocky soils. They are made with excellent materials to withstand high tensile strength.

If yo don’t know how to determine left hand or right hand tine, just hold tine against body with bold hole up.  Which ever way tine curves will be left hand or right hand tines.

For more inquiries about Yanmar, tiller tines send us an OEM order and we will respond immdiately.

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