16 Inch Disc Blades

Cothda is one of the most trustworthy harrow disc blades suppliers and manufacturers in China.

Cothda offers quality16 Inch disc blades in different thickness to meet your tillage needs.

Both 16 inch plain disc blades and 16 inch notched disc blades are available.

Choose Cothda as your premier manufacturer when it comes to 16 inch disc harrow blades or any other size harrow disc blades needs.

16 Inch Disc Blades: Find Your Premier Harrow Disc Blades Manufacturers


Cothda 16 Inch disc blade is manufactured using highly selected steel with every bit of recent technology. The disc can be plain or notched depending on the task it is going to perform.

16 inch disc blades are both available in plain disc blades and notched disc blades.

16 Inch plain disc blade does not have concavity on the edges, the edges are smooth. The notched disc blade has concavity on its edges.

The 16″ inch  plain Disc blade is used to level a seedbed and make the soil aerated.

The 16 inch notched blade is used to remove rock particles, chunks and other harvest remains in the field.

For hard soil cultivation, the notched 16 inch disc blade is preferred for its ability to penetrate the soil thoroughly. The notched edges offer the blade a more aggressive cutting force.

Both plain and notched disc blades are used to cultivate, chop off plant remains, and level the ground. They can also be used to aerate and mix the soil nutrients for maximum yields.

The strict fabrication technology used ensures 16 Inch disc blades last long, are corrosive resistant, and are compatible with most popular coulters.

The disc blade has a diameter of 16 inches and 3 to 4 mm thickness. Cothda sales team will help you select the right harrow blade which is compatible with your coulters.

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16 inch disc blades are available in different thickness as follows:

16 inch x 3 mm  harrow disc blades

16 inch x 4 mm harrow disc blades

16 inch x 4.5 mm harrow disc blades