Notched Disc Blades

One of the China-based, most competitive harrow disc blades suppliers.

Full range of quality notched disc blades fit for most combine harvesters.

  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • Applicable for multi-disc harrows
  • Mild Steel or iron constructed and polished
  • Well heat-treated to resist breaking
  • Variety of dimensions available: 10” to 36”
  • Thicknesses range: 2 mm (14 gauge) to 10 mm (3 gauge)


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notched disc blades 612

Breaking strength, hardness enhanced notched disc blades bring you more efficiency in farming.

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full selections of notched disc blades, disc blades, tillage parts, plow parts at affordable cost.

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Varieties notched disc harrow blades make your tillage operation more powerful and more thoroughly

notched disc blades 617

We offer customized notched disc blades to help you conquer any meaty and chunky crops on the ground.

notched disc blades 614

Our notched disc blades are made for replacing worn out disc harrow blades which you can save cost by 50%.

notched disc blades 13

Notched disc blades provides more aggressive and powerful cutting edge so as to chop plant residue and crops thoroughly.

Your Premier Notched Disc Blades Manufacturer

Cothda Agri Supply, a China-based reliable combine finger manufacturer.

In the farming season, your disc harrow is one of the most used farming machinery. Thus, the harrow disc blades are vulnerably wearing. Replacing worn-out disc blades, especially the notched disc blades for your disc harrow is sort of cost for your farm.

Choosing a quality notched disc blades from so many combine harvesters blades manufacturers or harrow disc blades suppliers is vital.notched disc blades 024

Cothda Agri Supply is one of the best competitors among those disc blades manufacturers.

Quality-proofed harrow disc blades are the edge tools in pulverizing the ground.

When you are tilling the hard fields with rocks or sticks or chopping up the remainder of the crop, disc harrow equipping with notched disc blades is your only choice.

If you want your working efficiency to be double, triple than by using normal disc harrow. You should choose suitable notched disc blades to plow your ground according to the soil conditions.

You will find different notched disc blades from Cothda based on your requirement: notched disc blades with different diameters. Notched disc blades with different thickness ranges.

You can find notched disc blades with standard code concavities. You can get notched disc blades with deep cone concavities. Meanwhile notched disc blades with raised flat centers are available too.

Any popular type of notched disc blades is available in Cothda Agri Supply.

Considering the notched disc blades importance to the dis harrow, Cothda pays lots of attention to notched disc blades quality control: From the material, heat-treatment process, plowing testing. Cothda notched disc blades are strong in hardness and show perfect resistance to breaking.notched disc blades 005

We are confident to ensure the notched disc blades are flawless before sending it to your hands.

You can rest assured to get premium quality notched disc blades from Cothda for your customer.

If you are facing the wide hard ground to harrow, if need powerful harrow dis blades to equip your disc harrow, notched disc blades from us is your right choice.


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If you want to know more about our notched disc blades and other combine harvester parts, please let us know.

Your trust in our notched disc blades products will be a huge encouragement for all of our team.

Contact now and get a quotation for your notched disc blades now.

Hopefully we will be one of your long-term harrow disc blades manufacturers or harrow disc blades suppliers for the coming season.