Cothda is one of the most competent harrow disc blades suppliers & manufacturers based in China.  Cothda offers a wide selection of harrow disc blades for sale across the global combine parts market.

Decades market performances proved our harrow disc blades are perfect in corrosion resistance, sharp in edge, affordable in price, reliable in quality.

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24 Disc Blades: Find Your Premier Harrow Disc Blades Manufacturers

24 disc blades or 24 inch disc blades are available for purchase both in plain disc blades and notched disc blades edges. The harrow disc blade is heat-treated to make it strong and free from breaking.

The disc blade is made using steel ad sometimes iron. The steel and iron ores ensure durability and efficient performance of the disc blade.

The diameter of the disc blade is 24 inches with a thickness of 8 mm. The center hole can be 25mm or more depending on the axle sizes.

With over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of 24 Inch disc blades, quality assurance and control has been achieved. The blade can be used in any popular machines, tractors, etc.

24″ disc blade is used to plow your land and remove any harvest remains. It brings proper aeration of your soil and smooth leveling to the ground to avoid soil erosion. Meanwhile the quality disc blades will help you  highly speed  your tillage operations.

The edges of the blade should be properly sharpened and kept in a warehouse when not in use. The sales team is on standby to receive and process your order.

24 Inch disc blades can also be customized in different sizes, thickness diameters, and materials to match your combine machine specifications. Check out other combine harvester parts as well.