Plow disc blades

One of your premium disc blade manufacturers from China, offers full ranges of plow disc blades (harrow disc blades), features of  affordable price , fitted for most popular harvesters.

  • From 10″ to 36″ available.
  • Double punched, good breaking-resistance.
  • Variety of hole combo, thickness available.
  • Smooth edge and notched edge available.
  • Low MOQ for regular plow disc blades.
  • Plow disc blades OEM service available.

Plow Disc Blades

harrow disc blade 612
harrow disc blade 5522527
Plain disc blades 553
notched disc blades 13
notched disc blades 612
notched disc blades 614

Plow Disc Blades – Your Premier Disc Blades Manufacturer

Cothda Agi Supply manufactures and supplies the farming industry with the finest plow disc blades for decades. Depends on your cultivation need, you can always find the suitable harrow disc blades, ie plow disc blades from our selections of plow discs inventories. No matter what bran harvesters or tractors you are using, we will be able to offer you the most suitable plow disc blades.

Our plow disc blades center hole comes are available in a round hole, Sq. hole and star hole varieties. Meanwhile, your plow disc blades thickness and diameter can be customized as well according to your specific needs.

Our plow disc blades are made from quality proved carbon steel or boron steel according to harrow disc blades order requirements.

Our plow disc blades are well heat-treated and strictly tested. Usually, our plow disc blades meet 38-42 Rockwell Scale hardness, which can meet most of your harrow disc blades working soil conditions.notched disc blades 005


If your soil conditions are in need of aggressive and powerful harrow disc blades to cut through, our notched disc blades are the right choice for you. After the land be plowed before seeding, we suggest choosing the plain disc blades for your cultivations.

As one of the most competent disc blades manufacturers in the market, Cothda always contributes to offering the best quality plow disc blades to our valued customers around the world. Over decades market performance shows our plow disc blades and customized harrow disc blades have helped and liberated our customers remarkably in the work, such as till the soil, chop the remainder crops, plowing and hilling.

The Season is coming, find Cothda as one of your harrow disc blade suppliers to help reduce your investment cost and speed your farm efficiency.